Welcome To Our Counter Shop!

A space where we share all the functional and beautiful pieces we love for our bathroom and kitchen countertops, perfect for storing or elevating often overlooked items. Here, you'll find solutions to store, decant, save space, and enhance visual appeal—all beautifully handcrafted and a pleasure to display on your counter.

Kitchen Crocks & Vessels

True workhorses in so many ways! We love them for wooden spoons, beautiful cleaning brushes, and our most used and loved cooking utensils. Small vessels are perfect for salt and spices. Glass canisters are a lovely option for storing and displaying cookies and snacks, and we quite like little vases for tasting spoons when our garden flowers are at rest for winter.

Kitchen Utility

So many handy little tools sure to be used daily, and pretty enough to be enjoyed throughout all of the beautiful messes.

Kitchen Brushes & Brooms

Elevated cleaning utensils for the heart of your home.

Kitchen Display

Display-worthy items to leave out on your counters for fruits, veggies, dessert and hosting spreads.

For Paper Towels & Napkins

Pretty storage solutions for your small linens, napkins, and paper towels.

For The Bath
Each item is a testament to the craftsmanship of our artisans, ensuring both functionality and beauty.
Small Storage

Pretty storage solutions for your everyday bath essentials that you don't want tucked away.

Bathroom Trays

Trays, plates, and dishes to corral and catchall. Each piece is beautiful and functional.

Bathroom Brushes

Gorgeous brushes for your bath and body. Handcrafted with care and made to last.

For Toilet Paper & Tissue

Pretty storage solutions for tissue and toilet paper. It never looked so good!